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June 1 to July 31

Reading Colors Your World

Elementary Stories and Songs on the Hill (weather permitting).

June 8 - Brilliantly Blue Books at 10:30

June 15 - Really Red Reads at 10:30

June 22 - Perfectly Purple Poems at 10:30

June 29 - Silly Silver Stories at 10:30

Watch our FB Page weather announcements and pop-up events.

Reading programs are available for all ages. Register at, through the ReadSquared App, or in person at the Henry Public Library.

The Henry Public Library has a YouTube Channel with Tutorials and other items of interest. If there is a topic you would like to see us cover, please let us know.

Henry Republican

The Henry Public Library has digitized our newspaper microfilm. This will allow for easier and more efficient access both for researchers and our staff. The digitization includes making the text of the newspapers searchable. In some cases, the quality of the microfilm makes this impossible, these items are still available for viewing. The archives are available at

Currently the earliest newspaper is from 1896 and the latest is in 2012 (there are gaps because we do not have all of the historical newspapers).

This project was funded by donations and the Library Per Capita Grant from the Secretary of States Office.

Please call the library at 364-2516 with questions or to schedule a demonstration.

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Curbside pickup is available for anyone who needs (or wants) it. Please call or FB message us to select materials. Please allow at least 30 minutes for us to gather your materials.

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Please call the library at 364-2516 with questions or to schedule a demonstration.

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