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Game Dates for Homer's Reading Program

  • July 26
  • July 27
  • August 8
  • August 23

Miss Elizabeth will be at the August 8 game. If you can go with her, she will coordinate the tickets (if you are going some other time she might be able to do the tickets). Call the library if you have any questions

Crochet Club

Here are some videos which might help you

Hold Your Hook

Tension Your Yarn

Slip Knot

Chain Stitch

Single Crochet

Paws to Read

Summer Reading programs start Wednesday June 4 @ 2pm

New this summer, try our online registration and reporting. The retro paper method will also be available.

Click Here for Online Summer Reading

We are testing the online tool this year. Please sign-up in only one location - ONLINE or at Henry Public Library. Points can be reported either way (just not for the same books). The online tool is set up for minutes, but Miss Elizabeth will be counting that number as points so remember if you read to an adult to enter "double" time.

If you are participating online, please remember to record points online - for this program MINUTES=POINTS so use our formulas when entering 'minutes'

How you earn points:

  • 1 pt Every minute you read OR 1 pt for every 2 pages read (ex Holes 233 pages = 116 pts)
  • 1 pt Every minute that someone reads to you (even if you know how to read)
  • 2 pts Every minute you read to an adult
  • 10 pts For answering the question of the week (show your proof)
  • 10 pts For travel reports - bring a brochure back from a park, museum, or other activity (written or oral)
  • 10 pts For each library program
  • 50 pts For each book review (written or oral)

What color should Miss Elizabeth's hair be?*

65 votes


39 votes


47 votes


14 votes


Voting Has Ended

*Remember that the color will be over brown hair (I am not willing to bleach my hair for this)

If there is a tie, Miss Elizabeth gets to pick.

Check out what we are reading Follow Henry Public LIbrary's board Storytime Books on Pinterest.

Preschool Storytime on Saturdays

preschool storytime Preschool Storytime aimed for ages 3-5 (or anyone who enjoys picture books) is held on Saturday mornings at 10:30 a.m. Any questions, call the library at 364-2516.